Customer Testimonials

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Infinity Float’s services have helped me relieve years worth of stress. One use of their float baths had me coming out fully refreshed and feeling like a brand new person. On top of that, their staff is very personal in taking care of their clients. I’ll definitely be returning soon!
— Mike C.

Blown away by the impact the float session had on my body. I usually workout several times each week, and the older I get the seemingly sorer I am each morning and during the day while sitting at work. I frequently go for massages and to a chiropractor to get adjusted every now and then. After an hour in the float, I literally had -0- soreness and felt as though I could run a marathon. The healing aside, it was perhaps the most relaxing hour I had spent in the last 5-years. The chamber is dark and soundproof and within 5 minutes or so when the initial music dies off, you can pretty much feel yourself breathe and your heartbeat. I’m definitely looking forward to my next session and making this a key part of dealing with stress relief, as well as for my training and workout recovery process.
— Brian K.

Excellent. This is a calm, relaxing, meditative place to gain some zen. Floating is incredible. Friendly staff, conveniently located, they offer tea and water to rehydrate. Highly recommend.
— Jessica G.

Infinity Float is a delightfully relaxing experience in the midst of a vibrant city. It is an oasis of calm. The facilities are private and clean and the staff is friendly and attentive. Great place!
— Alexandro P.
This floatation experience has changed my life and improved all aspects of my health. I sleep better and have drastically reduced anxiety. I approach stressful situations and problem-solving on a daily basis from a more centered place. As a bonus, every floatation session improves my flexibility and has reduced chronic pain. I’m also very glad for the membership—not just because of the obvious benefits, but because it puts structure around this activity and helps me prioritize it. Just terrific all around (including the lovely environment provided and the wonderful people who work here).
— Jessica W.
The float was exactly what I needed to decompress from an intense couple of months. The whole facility is very well maintained, clean, and the staff is so professional and helpful. I’m looking forward to my next visit!
— Faith M.
Best place to float in all of NYC! Incredibly nice facility and staff. I have tried a number of other places and nothing compares.
— Laura D.
As always, my weekly float is a respite from noisy and busy Manhattan. I say it’s a vacation from the City.
— Paul P.
I was on vacation in NYC and my friend who lives there set up float sessions for us. I was super excited, 1) because it’s such a unique thing that I’d never heard of and 2) I have trouble quieting my mind & relaxing so I was excited to give this a try. The woman who explained the process to us was very nice and gave us great pointers on how to get the most of our experience. I took a shower & put ear plugs in before entering the float suite. The personal pool is 10” deep with 800 pounds of Epsom salts in it!! Once I laid back I was completely floating! There was a soft blue light illuminating the suite and white twinkle lights on the ceiling. Soft relaxing music played for the 1st 10 minutes then it was completely quiet. I also turned the lights off after about 5 minutes. After a few minutes I was so relaxed that I couldn’t even feel my body! It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. I was skeptical that I would be able to quiet my mind and last for a whole hour in the water but the relaxation completely took over my mind and body. I felt super relaxed the entire day. I’ve felt detoxified ever since my float session. I highly recommend this to everyone. I will definitely do this again next time I’m in NYC.
— Monique A.