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Time Out Magazine

“Bob in a warm, soothing solution of Epson salt (in complete darkness and silence), and feel the stress wash away.”


“Infinity Float is part of Q Flatiron, a healing facility owned by alternative healer Noran Malouf that is home to seven practitioners, including a nutritionist, an acupuncturist, a colon hydrotherapist, and even a quantum physicist. The facility acquired a float suite a year and a half ago, which is comprised of a walk-in chamber with a ceiling full of twinkling stars (they can be shut off with a switch inside the tank). The center has an airy and immaculate lobby and a New Age vibe. Malouf noted that John C. Lilly gets credit for creating the modern sensory deprivation tank but that similar attempts at seeking sensory deprivation have existed in the spiritual traditions of China and India for centuries. The facility emphasizes the holistic healing aspects of floating, and encourages participants to experience LŪX lights before floating, which is a session under a series of quartz crystals cut to a specific frequency and color that shine and pulse above each of the body’s seven chakras.”

Style of Sport

“Flotation Therapy has undergone a resurgence in this booming wellness era, and I jumped in at Infinity Float, a sleek and modern float room located at the QFlatiron wellness center in Manhattan. This beautifully designed private cabin features glowing a blue light and star lit ceiling, along with chill new age music to calm and relax you as you float. Though the goal is for the room to be dark and without sound – sensation deprived – for the novice or experienced, this is a very soothing environment in itself.”


Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

“I saw this spa service going around Facebook and had to try it out for myself: Sensory Deprivation in a float tank! It was an extremely interesting experience and it wasn't what I expected. Producer Sam tried it too a little while back, so I brought her in to talk about her experience as well. Watch what happened in the video! And thanks to Infinity Float NYC for letting me experience this!” - @JakeTheProducer,Director of Video Production


Natural Awakenings

“Several days after gingerly stepping into the Infinity Float suite at Q Flatiron for the first time and letting go all inhibitions, I had a breakthrough. Energized by that initial “sensory deprivation experience” at the holistic enclave in Manhattan’s bustling commercial district, what followed was a heightened sense of calm and clarity amid the buzz of city life.”

American Spa

“Q Flatiron (New York City), for example, offers Infinity Float, in addition to a host of alternative therapies. “Our medical intuitive and owner of the space, Noran Malouf, experienced the benefits of R.E.S.T. himself and would refer a lot of his clients to other float centers,” says office manager Uzuri Guridi. “It was the perfect addition to our wellness center, given our mission of providing a safe sanctuary that encourages discovery and transformation.”



“Verónica Albornoz, corresponsal en Nueva York, nos trae todos los detalles de la nueva ‘Terapia de Flotación’, una técnica para combatir el estrés diario. ¡Te encantará!”

Un Nuevo Día from Telemundo stopped by to check out float therapy! Watch their news segment shot right here at Infinity Float NYC.

¡Un Nuevo Día de Telemundo nos visitó para aprender sobre la terapia de flotación! Mira el segmento de noticias filmado aquí en Infinity Float NYC.

Vídeo oficial de Telemundo Un Nuevo Día. Verónica Albornoz, corresponsal en Nueva York, nos trae todos los detalles de la nueva 'Terapia de Flotación', una técnica para combatir el estrés diario. ¡Te encantará!