Our Partners

We partner with local services or leaders who can bring value to our members and customers of Infinity Float NYC. Please explore our partners and let us know if you have any questions.



Dr. Marina Masic

Dr. Marina Masic is a trained art therapist, mindfulness and meditation educator and wellness arts coach. Her sessions integrate holistic philosophies, creative arts and innovative tools to meet individual needs and potentialities. She is also an experiential designer and artist creating multi-sensory, immersive arts spaces, Co-Founder of: www.atlab.info and "Lumina NY", a wellness arts praxis providing new means of envisioning through light. Visit Lumina NY and learn more about Dr. Marina Masic by clicking on the button below. Or you can learn more about light therapy and Dr. Masic by watching the Vice segment featuring her below!


Charlisa Erickson

Charlisa Erickson (@spiralgoddesyoga)is our in-house yoga instructor providing yoga lessons during different days of the week in the mornings. Book a yoga class with Charlisa and grab a float immediately after for the ultimate yoga and float therapy package. Book your next yoga session with Charlisa by clicking on the button below.



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