What to Expect

During your float, you will be spending one hour or so lying quietly in the dark, suspended in a warm solution of Epsom salt, about 10” deep, and so dense that you float effortlessly. Gentle music can be played to help you relax. In this gravity and sensory free environment, you will experience complete mental and physical relaxation.

Pre-float Preparation

  • Eat a light meal about an hour to 90 minutes prior to your appointment.

  • Do not drink caffeine at least 2 hours beforehand.

  • Avoid shaving or waxing the day of your float, as the salt water can sting. If you have small cuts, Vaseline is provided.

  • Avoid use of hair and skin products.

  • After your first float orientation and tour, you will shower prior to entering the float room to wash off any oils or chemicals you may have on your hair and body.

  • Please dry your face with the towel before entering, to avoid touching your face while floating and getting salt water into your eyes. If this happens, there is a bottle of fresh water in the room you can use to rinse off.

What to Bring

We provide all of the following for your float experience, so feel free to leave these at home:

  • Towel (to try to be as eco-friendly as possible, we provide one per client but will gladly provide more upon request)
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Make up Remover
  • Vaseline (for minor cuts and scrapes)
  • Ear Plugs
  • Contact Solution
  • Body Lotion
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Hair Dryer
  • Neck Pillow (if needed)

We recommend not wearing a bathing suit to enjoy the optimal experience of floating and do not offer disposable ones, but feel free to bring your own if you feel more comfortable doing so along with anything else you think you may need that is not already provided.

After Your Float

For the novice floater, your first float primarily involves getting your body accustomed to the new environment. Try to take notice of how you feel shortly afterwards and days following your float. Most people experience a boost of energy, enhanced awareness, deeper capacity to relax, and improved performance and creativity.

It is recommended to float three to five times to initially understand the process of flotation and begin to reap its long-term advantages. The benefits are cumulative, which explains why flotation devotees incorporate this therapy into their everyday lives. It's for this reason that we offer an Introductory Float Package of 3 floats for $200, which can be bought here