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Modern life is stressful for nearly everyone. Traffic, deadlines, constant connection to technology, not enough sleep… replenishing ourselves in body, mind, and spirit is an essential part of modern wellness. Floating reduces stress, promotes relaxation, improves sleep and gives us all a chance to unplug and recharge.

How will float therapy help me?

The salt water concentration in our float suites is the only place in the world that anyone, no matter the body type, can completely float without moving a muscle. Plus, there are no hard surfaces pressing against your skin, no chill from water or wind, and no possible interruption of your bliss from noise or outside forces.

Why can’t I just float in my bathtub, the pool, or ocean?

Floating has been around for over 60 years, and has oodles of published research to back it up. No mumbo or jumbo here.

Is this new-age mumbo jumbo?

Nope. Some people fall asleep, but the water is so buoyant you stay afloat. The worst that can happen is getting woken up by a bit of salt water in your eyes. Your body will always wake you up when/if that happens, that we can guarantee.

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

Lots of people ask us, “What if I am claustrophobic?” Our Float Suites are spacious, measuring 8’x5’x7’, so even the largest of floaters (think NBA & NFL) report no issues getting more than comfortable in our float tanks. The space is large enough to allow stretching out completely or standing up, so claustrophobia is less of an issue for those who are sensitive. Please feel free to come for a tour of the space, if concerned!

How big are the float tanks?

Nope, just yourself. Towels, robes, earplugs, and everything else you need are provided. You’ll also be floating in your “birthday suit” (naked) so you will not need to bring a bathing suit, unless you’d prefer to.

Do I need to bring anything?

Do I have to turn the lights and music off?

It’s up to you: some guests prefer a more modern experience by enjoying soothing music and low lighting during their float. Others wish to engage in a more traditional float and completely disconnect by removing all stimuli. In the 70s and 80s, floating was referred to as a “sensory deprivation” experience, but research is now realizing that float tanks are actually a piece of sensory enhancement technology; a place where your entire system can focus on itself to cleanse, process, & reset. In addition, our Float Suites are spacious (8’x5’x7’), and we have several options for float enhancements, so our guests have a wide array of options for how they can enjoy their time floating.

How is the water maintained and cleaned?

Our float cabins and pods are all equipped with the sanitation system to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size and are FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration). Standard pleated pool and spa filter cartridges only filter to 20-30 micron and require constant cleaning (Class 3 Filtration). The filter is also equipped with a UV filter and the water is treated with a small dose of Food-Grade hydrogen peroxided. Additionally, salt is a natural anti-microbial and antiseptic, especially at the high concentration present in the floatation cabins at Infinity Float.

What makes Infinity Float a premium experience?

We represent the highest industry standards of service, technology, luxury, and cleanliness. Every square inch of our facility was custom built with your comfort in mind, and each member of our thoughtful and caring staff is dedicated to making sure your every need is met. These elements, along with our optional float enhancers and post-float tea lounge help you float from the moment you walk in, until the moment you re-enter the outside world relaxed, refreshed, and restored.

We recommend that you eat about 20-30 minutes BEFORE your float session and avoid consuming caffeine within 3-4 hours of your float. That way you can be relaxed and comfortable and not be thinking about being hungry or your racing heart from that espresso you just downed. We also recommend that you do not shave your legs or face for a day before the float; small cuts will sting from the salt solution and can be distracting. Also, if you recently colored your hair, we ask that you wait at least a week before floating. Lastly, please show up 15 minutes before the scheduled float so that we have time to go over the Pre-float and Post-float instructions.

How do I prepare for my float?

Single and first floats can often be profound. However, there can be a bit of a learning curve requiring a few floats to feel totally comfortable. Also, floating has powerful cumulative effects and is becoming recognized as an essential part of an optimal ongoing wellness practice. Basically, floating 1 to 2 times per week will supercharge your long term physical, mental, and spiritual health. Check out our membership options if you’re looking to develop your float practice!

How often should I float to get the benefits?

Yes, but there are no demogorgans allowed at Infinity Float NYC. ;) And we promise that it’s way less scary than Stranger Things! There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Is this the same thing I saw in Stranger Things?