What is Float Therapy?

Floating is a method of attaining the deepest rest that humankind has ever experienced.

Whether you’re seeking next level wellness in your body, mind and spirit, or you just need some time to yourself to de-stress, float therapy has the ability to cover all of those bases and then some…

Years of well documented testing and research reveal that floating can help to relieve pain and tension in the body, lessen anxiety, improve concentration and creativity.

Let’s begin with a short video so you know what to expect from your first float experience:

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Your chance to get the best of all worlds: a 60-minute luxury float and an amazing introductory price of $80.

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How does float therapy work?

Inside our expansive Ocean Float Room (8’x7’x5′) you will float effortlessly in a warm and dense solution of epsom salt, about 10 inches deep for about an hour. The water and air in the tank is kept at 93.5 degrees fahrenheit which is skin receptor neutral. This causes you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins once you’re settled.


Your ears stay just below the water and the tanks are insulated against ambient sound, so after you shut the door and turn off the light, you’ll float in total darkness and silence for an hour (you may choose to leave the lights and music on) without forces of gravity, light, ambient sound, or tactile sensations.

Without any external stimuli, your awareness and focus will shift inward helping to reduce stress and pain, improve concentration and creativity, and bring you to a deepened state of relaxation.

When you’re not constantly taking in information, your mind, body and spirit are free to focus on what’s important. Your body pumps out dopamine and endorphins for deeper rest and healing.

It’s likely to be the most relaxing thing you’ve ever experienced.

Premium First Intro Float for just $80 ($125 value)

Why float therapy?


Health & Wellness

People float to relieve stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction, eliminate chronic pain, and much more. Studies indicate that floating increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow that lasts for days afterwards. Without the need to fight gravity or take-in external information, you’ll likely experience the most complete relaxation you’ve ever felt. Please check out our benefits page for more information!



Everything you experience while floating comes from within. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your life, and reports of creative and personal insights abound. Float tanks can also be thought of as training wheels for meditation. After about 30-45 minutes of floating, your mind starts producing theta brainwaves, which are responsible for that ‘between waking & sleeping’ state. After years of practice, people can enter theta state through deep meditation. Float tanks get you there effortlessly.



People have cut strokes off their golf game, developed complex scientific theories, and drafted whole portions of books while floating. With nothing to distract you, your level of concentration and creativity will be enhanced.

Floater Testimonials

Blown away by the impact the float session had on my body. I usually workout several times each week, and the older I get the seemingly sorer I am each morning and during the day while sitting at work. I frequently go for massages and to a chiropractor to get adjusted every now and then. After an hour in the float, I literally had -0- soreness and felt as though I could run a marathon. The healing aside, it was perhaps the most relaxing hour I had spent in the last 5-years. I’m definitely looking forward to my next session and making this a key part of dealing with stress relief, as well as for my training and workout recovery process.
This floatation experience has changed my life and improved all aspects of my health. I sleep better and have drastically reduced anxiety. I approach stressful situations and problem-solving on a daily basis from a more centered place. As a bonus, every floatation session improves my flexibility and has reduced chronic pain. I’m also very glad for the membership—not just because of the obvious benefits, but because it puts structure around this activity and helps me prioritize it. Just terrific all around (including the lovely environment provided and the wonderful people who work here).
I received a gift certificate for my first float and was skeptical. Turns out I loved it. Not only did I feel calmer and deeply relaxed. My injured knee wasn’t hurting for the first time in 4 months. My lower back wasn’t hurting and my mind, which had been racing through my busy schedule felt calm. I could have stayed in the tank all day.
— Brielle S., January 2018


Ready to schedule your first float?

$80 for an introductory float ($125 value)

Your chance to get the best of all worlds: a 60-minute luxury float and an amazing introductory price of $80.

Easiest way: Give us a call at +1 (212) 213-8520 to book!


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